Oper­ator pro­tec­tion: Proven in practice

In response to growing market demands from phar­ma­ceu­tical com­pa­nies, Harro Höfliger designed a con­tain­ment con­cept for their cap­sule filling machines.

This con­tain­ment con­cept offers the highest process sta­bility and a val­i­dated saf-ety level up to the OEL value of 0.1 μg/m 3 during pro­duc­tion. In order to achieve this low OEL level, the devel­op­ment focused on con­sis­tently min­i­mizing powder dust. In addi­tion, par­tic­ular atten­tion was paid to inter­face opti­miza­tion (e.g. empty cap­sule feed). A simple cleaning con­cept com­ple­ments these measures.

The Con­tain­ment con­cept of the Modu‑C MS pro­vides reli­able tech­nology for oper­ator and envi­ron­ment protection.

Since gravi­metric checks are prone to errors, Harro Höfliger offers a con­tain­ment solu­tion with an inte­grated 100% capac­i­tive mass con­trol for the drum dosing sta­tion in its Modu- C MS (Mid Speed). During pro­duc­tion, the mea­sured capac­i­tive value is com­pared online with the scale value in order to meet the cus­tomers’ ac-curacy require­ments. For simple cleaning during product changes, Harro Höfliger prefers dry cleaning. The ben­e­fits: No bac­te­rial growth caused by mois­ture, no dis­posal costs for con­t­a­m­i­nated water, and reduced incrus­ta­tion, facil­i­tating the removal of powder par­ti­cles from the machine surface.

Occu­pa­tional Expo­sure Bands (OEB) are defined on the basis of Occu­pa­tional Expo­sure limits (OEl).

In addi­tion, Harro Höfliger com­bines cap­sule filler, de-duster, metal detector and sam­pling in one com­pact system. Due to the stan­dard­ized machine con­cepts of the cap­sule filling machines, all ben­e­fits men­tioned can also be trans­ferred to the Modu‑C LS (Low Speed) and the even more effi­cient Modu‑C HS (High Speed).

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Photos: Helmar Lünig, Tom Philippi