Clear lines

The PMK and MKC pro­duc­tion and pack­aging line presents the new turnkey design language.

From a tech­nical point of view, the patch making machine PMK and the con­nected car­toner MKC have always been in per­fect har­mony. With the new design ele­ments that will char­ac­terize all Harro ­Höfliger turnkey lines in the future, the com­bi­na­tion now gives the appear­ance of one har­mo­nized system. The clear design lan­guage was devel­oped by the agency design­ship in Ulm. Thomas Star­czewski and exec­u­tive designer Thomas Koch aimed not only for a dis­tinc­tive look but also for high cus­tomer ben­efit and oper­ator pro­tec­tion (read more in the inter­view). Among other things, gen­erous folding and sliding doors at the PMK pro­vide for improved access during pro­duc­tion and service.

1. Promi­nent status lights as addi­tional safety com­po­nents
2. Oper­ator pro­tec­tion and GMP-com­pliant cleaning due to safety glass
3. HMI can be moved along the entire machine length
4. Ergonomic loading height

Enlarged details of the machine:

For the first time, the HMI (Human Machine Inter­face) touch­screens can be moved by the oper­a­tors along the entire machine length and ensure com­fort­able and safe con­trol of the system. The design con­cept fea­tures promi­nent status lights and light strips as well as linear machine front panels. The panels are made of scratch-resis­tant safety glass, which is also GMP-com­pliant and easy to clean. These ele­ments empha­size the high safety and quality stan­dard of Harro Höfliger. As usual, format changeovers can be made quickly and almost tool-free on both machines.

Dis­cover the new look in the video:

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Photo: Helmar Lünig