We mourn the loss of our com­pany founder Harro Höfliger

Com­pany Founder, Director and long­time Senior Partner Harro Höfliger passed away on May 12th, 2019.

Harro Höfliger *April 24th, 1937 †May 12th, 2019

He was a pas­sionate entre­pre­neur, net­worker and innovator.

Harro Höfliger man­aged to com­bine his Swabian down-to-earth atti­tude with an exem­plary inno­v­a­tive spirit. Tech­nical chal­lenges enthused and moti­vated him to follow new paths boldly.

On the basis of open­ness and reli­a­bility, he built a value-ori­ented, inter­na­tion­ally active enter­prise. It was always one of his prin­ci­ples to trust his employees and their abilities.

He was a great inspi­ra­tion to all of us.

We owe him a tremen­dous amount of gratitude.

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Photo: Harro Höfliger