Lyo beads: Small bead, large potential

Lyophilized beads have great poten­tial for modern med­i­cine. The ver­sa­tile gran­ules pro­vide numerous ben­e­fits, for example in diag­nostic agents.

Small, round, freeze-dried. That is how lyo beads – also known as cryo pel­lets – can be ­described. While the beads are rather incon­spic­uous, they nev­er­the­less pro­vide almost unlim­ited pos­si­bil­i­ties. Dieter Haberzettl, Director of the Diag­nostic Tech­nolo­gies divi­sion at Harro Höfliger: “The field of appli­ca­tion depends entirely on the starting mate­rial. Many beads are sized between 1.8 mm and 6 mm.

They are pro­duced using a drip­ping or spraying process, flash frozen (for example with liquid nitrogen) and sub­se­quently freeze-dried. They are used, for example, in var­ious rapid diag­nostic tests. The smaller micros­pheres, lyophilized pel­lets with a diam­eter of up to 0.5 mm, are pri­marily used in the life sci­ences sector. The advan­tage lies in the storage sta­bility of the active ingre­di­ents at room temperature.”

The Lyo Bead Dis­penser TT pre­cisely doses lyophilized beads into dif­ferent containers.

But the excel­lent sta­bility of the beads is not their only strength, explains the expert: “They are easy to store and trans­port in bulk, which fur­ther sim­pli­fies logis­tical processes. In addi­tion, the pro­duc­tion chain for rapid tests does not have to be inter­rupted. There is no drying time required, unlike when liquid reagents are being placed into the test kits.”

For com­pa­nies who want to ben­efit from the poten­tial of the small spheres, Harro Höfliger pro­vides the appro­priate solu­tion. Dieter Haberzettl: “The Lyo Bead Dis­penser TT is space saving, easy to operate and thus ide­ally suited for product devel­op­ment. It doses the beads indi­vid­u­ally by air flow. Unique throughout the world: The elec­tro­static charge is very well con­trol­lable during this process. The same prin­ciple and the same dis­penser can be used later in fully auto­matic production.”

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