New cap­sule filling machine Modu‑C CS

The Modu‑C CS can be indi­vid­u­ally con­fig­ured according to cus­tomer requirements.


Thanks to the patented trolley system, numerous prod­ucts can be filled on just one machine – including a wide range of poW­ders, peL­lets and liquids.


Full HD Dis­play with sophis­ti­cated design and user-friendly nav­i­ga­tion structures.

IPC sta­tion

The system weighs cap­sules during ongoing oper­a­tion with an accu­racy of +/- 0.1 mg. Quan­tity and fre­quency can be easily adjusted according to indi­vidual requirements.


An inte­grated deduster removes even very small residual powder quan­ti­ties from the cap­sule shell. An external deduster is not required and the foot­print is con­sid­er­ably reduced.

100 % gross control

Every filled cap­sule is weighed during ongoing oper­a­tion. The weighing accu­racy is +/- 2 mg.


The system pro­vides pro­tec­tion con­cepts for every field of appli­ca­tion, even for powder OEL < 1µg/OEB 5. This guar­an­tees the highest oper­ator protection.


Spe­cial tech­nology enables safe cleaning of the inte­rior. This involves the use of spray mist from up to 10 l of water per passage.


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Photos: Helmar Lünig