Pins for cap­sule filling machines under the mag­ni­fying glass

The impor­tance of stain­less-steel pins in Harro Höfliger machines.

These stain­less steel pins serve as both cap­sule ejec­tors and seg­ment cleaners. This is how it works: Within the cap­sule filling machine, the cap­sules are trans­ported from sta­tion to ­sta­tion in spe­cial bores of the so-called cap­sule seg­ments. The pins move into these seg­ments at the end of the filling process and the cap­sules are pushed out. Imme­di­ately after­wards, air flows out of the slots; powder par­ti­cles are ejected and extracted within the same sta­tion. Here you can read more about the plat­form where this solu­tion is in use.

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