Stable process

Becton Dick­inson has launched the Lib­ertas™, an inno­v­a­tive injector. For clin­ical studies and small series of the wear­able injector, Harro Höfliger devel­oped a semi-auto­matic assembly system.

When man­u­fac­turing med­ical and phar­ma­ceu­tical devices, nothing is more crit­ical than process sta­bility. That is why Harro Höfliger starts with defining a suit­able pro­duc­tion process for their cus­tomers and pro­vides product-ori­ented solu­tions for the clin­ical trial stage and small series pro­duc­tion – such as for the Lib­ertas™ by Becton Dick­inson (BD). This portable injector adheres to the skin and enables patients to self-inject subcutaneously.

BD Lib­ertas™ incor­po­rates BD Neopak™ pri­mary con­tainer tech­nology and employs the same can­nula tech­nology found in BD’s ­nee­dles. The design and inter­face of the wear­able injector are the result of exten­sive pre­clin­ical and clin­ical research.

Worn directly on the body, Lib­ertas™ admin­is­ters large-­volume or highly vis­cous biotech drugs in doses between two and ten mil­li­liters over a defined period of time. The appli­ca­tion only requires a few steps. Fur­ther­more, the needle is con­cealed before and after the injec­tion process. Option­ally, the injector can be net­worked with a Smart Device. That way, BD guar­an­tees the safest and best pos­sible therapy in the com­fort­able sur­round­ings of your own home. A stable and per­fectly per­formed joining process of the injector com­po­nents is a ­basic requirement.

Suit­able system for clin­ical trials

For the test volume pro­duc­tion of the BD Lib­ertas™, Harro ­Höfliger devel­oped the semi-auto­matic Assembly Lab, a system for the assembly of patch injec­tors. During the ear­liest ­pro­duc­tion phase, the system is able to pro­vide process assur­ances for the final assembly process. The per­fectly func­tioning ensemble con­sists of four parts: a car­tridge con­taining active ingre­dient, an inter­me­diate piece, a cover and the main ­assembly, which includes the needle. The com­po­nents are placed man­u­ally into a work­piece car­rier and joined together at seven sta­tions. The scale-up of the final ­assembly can be easily done.

About Becton Dickinson

BD is a leading sup­plier of inno­v­a­tive patient and user safety tech­nolo­gies with head­quar­ters in Franklin Lakes, NJ, USA. The com­pany, with 50,000 employees, part­ners with inter­na­tional orga­ni­za­tions to address the most pressing health­care chal­lenges for people around the world.

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Photos: Becton Dick­inson, Helmar Lünig